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The Original MOS

The MOS is a cable organizer elegant enough that it actually belongs in plain view rather than being hidden away. Keep track of all of your laptop, iPhone, printer, and other cables with the MOS.

The MOS solves the need to keep control over our frequently used computer cables in an unobtrusive way. The MOS keeps your cables right where you need them, whether its just a laptop power cable or a more complete desktop including: speakers, usb hard drives, monitors, ect.

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Three Finishes

The MOS comes in three different flavors: black poly carbonate, white poly carbonate, and anodized aluminum. Each finish is scratch resistant and beautiful.

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Airstick Base

The bottom of the MOS features a layer of micro-suction called Airstick. This non-sticky high friction tape uses thousands of microscopic air pockets to secure the MOS to your desk without any residue.

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Magnetic Cable Ties

Each MOS includes 3 magnetic cable ties to give those stubborn cables a little extra stick. Cable ties come in array of colors available for purchase.

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Magnetic Cable Ties

Each MOS includes 3 magnetic cable ties to give thos stubborn cables a little extra stick.

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Wall Mount Sticky

Included in every MOS kit is a 3M double sided adhesive circle that fits perfectly onto the orange circle on the underside of each MOS. This will securely hold your cables vertically.

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