MOS Pack - Our Original Electronics Backpack!
MOS Pack - Our Original Electronics Backpack!
MOS Pack - Our Original Electronics Backpack!
MOS Pack - Our Original Electronics Backpack!
MOS Pack - Our Original Electronics Backpack!
MOS Pack - Our Original Electronics Backpack!
MOS Pack - Our Original Electronics Backpack!

MOS Pack - Our Original Electronics Backpack!

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The MOS PACK is a stylish solution to the hassle of carrying your electronic devices, keeping them organized, and finding enough places to plug everything in. Through simple organizational design, you can leave all your devices in the backpack, and charge them with a single plug. 

We've updated the MOS Pack! Check out some of our new features.

  • Luggage Pass-through on the back for attaching to your luggage handle
  • Larger laptop pocket that now fits up to most 15.6” laptops
    • Laptop Pocket Dimensions 26 cm X 3 cm X 36 cm (39 cm to top of bag)
  • More durable materials than previous versions
    • Outer colored fabric: 300D Polyester
    • Black bottom: 1000D nylon 
  • Hard Shell sunglasses pouch to better protect your sunglasses or whatever else you throw in there.
  • Stronger Orange lining to make it super easy to see what’s inside your backpack
  • Larger water resistant water bottle pocket with flyout mesh pocket to make getting your water bottle in and out much easier
  • Greatly reinforced top handle
  • Improved Straps for better fit and comfort
  • Many other manufacturing improvements


The MOS Pack features a built-in charging station through the MOS Reach+ and an internal cable management so you can charge everything without taking it all out of your backpack.


With built-in cable management, you'll be able to keep everything organized and within easy reach.


The MOS PACK is stylish and professional enough to take with you to the office, but rugged enough to take with you the next time you trek across the globe.


The MOS PACK'S slim form factor holds a surprising 20 liters of storage space with a myriad of pockets big enough to hold all of your essentials.

Customer Reviews

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MOS Pack - Our Original Electronics Backpack!

Love it

I love it so much

Perfect pack for EVERYTHING!

I love this pack! I have been looking at it for a while and decided that I need it. The cord system is convenient, the storage is ample it's not heavy and it holds everything that is important without looking overloaded! That is really important because I hate having a backpack that makes me look like Quasimodo! I carry my Samsung book 2 cell phone and everything else I need in my work day and don't have to worry about charging or security. Absolutely love it and I should have bought it sooner

Amazing! But...

It took 3 days to arrive.

Whoa, it's a quality product, I love the texture and the zip ties seem durable. Oh, wait, the plug is US standard... So I have to take an international adapter with me...

We're glad to hear you love your Pack! The MOS Reach+ and the MOS Reach C both function as a power strip. You can swap them out for a power strip of your region if that would be easier than using adapters for you.
Shipping and some quality issues

FedEx was supposed to ship it on Friday, but towards the end of the day it was to be shipped, decided to postpone it until Monday, when I had created plans that Friday afternoon for Monday. I had to pester them to let me pick up my package from their warehouse in the next city over just to receive it.

After that, I received the bag and the orange stitching seems to poke out of the top of the bag in several places. It's probably only noticeable because most bags have black insides with a black outside, but I chose this one because of the orange interior. Other than that, I probably would have preferred to have had another power socket because I have a work and personal laptop.

The backpack is still great, but these are the only issues I have.

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear you were able to pick up your package. We appreciate you sending your feedback about the power sockets. If you can send us a photo of the stitching we can send that to our product team. They can find out if there are any tension issues on that stitching.