MOS Pack GRANDE - Our Biggest Backpack Fits Up To A 17 Inch Laptop.
MOS Pack GRANDE - Our Biggest Backpack Fits Up To A 17 Inch Laptop.
MOS Pack GRANDE - Our Biggest Backpack Fits Up To A 17 Inch Laptop.
MOS Pack GRANDE - Our Biggest Backpack Fits Up To A 17 Inch Laptop.
MOS Pack GRANDE - Our Biggest Backpack Fits Up To A 17 Inch Laptop.
MOS Pack GRANDE - Our Biggest Backpack Fits Up To A 17 Inch Laptop.
MOS Pack GRANDE - Our Biggest Backpack Fits Up To A 17 Inch Laptop.

MOS Pack GRANDE - Our Biggest Backpack Fits Up To A 17 Inch Laptop.

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The GRANDE is our biggest backpack, it holds up to 40L of storage when expanded (up to 27L when not expanded) while keeping everything organized and the pack slim. It can fit up to 17” Laptops and a 40 oz water bottle with room to spare.

Excluding the straps, the MOS Pack GRANDE is 36x49x19 cm when not expanded but full. When expanded the MOS Pack GRANDE is 36x49x24 cm.



Added 3 More Mesh Pockets to the main outer compartment


Improved strap materials for increased comfort and durability


We designed the GRANDE with the idea in mind that you would be taking everything with you. The straps are wide to fit any shoulders with a comfortable backing that allows ventilation when everything is weighing down on your back.


The GRANDE features a built-in charging station through the MOS Reach+ and MOS REACH C with an internal cable management so you can charge everything without taking it all out of your backpack.


With built-in cable management, you'll be able to keep everything organized and within easy reach. The Orange lining is also used to make every item and cable easy to see even when things start getting packed.


The GRANDE is stylish and professional enough to take with you to the office, but rugged enough to take with you the next time you trek across the globe.

MOS Blackpack vs. MOS Pack Grande

Features Blackpack Grande
Expanded capacity 27L 40L
Exterior 1680D Ballistic Nylon 300D Polyester, 1000D Nylon Bottom
Laptop Support 15.6" 17"
Water Bottle Support 32 oz 40 oz
Sternum Strap Removable Non-Removable
Rain Fly Built-in No Rain Fly
Warranty 5 yrs 5 yrs

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Stays slim but tooooooo wide

So wide that I cannot move my arms back and forth. Possibly good for a (very) large adult man. Generally, I would say that its generally way to wide for the general population of healthy non-obese ppl

We're sorry that backpack was too big! The Grande is our largest backpack, please reach out to customer service if you would like to send it back and order a different style that isn't as large as the backpack.
Feels great, looks great, performs great

I got this backpack kitted out with the full suite, including the USB-C power adapter and the new battery pack, and I find myself loving the backpack and the battery more every day. The bag is tough, durable yet comfortable. It's easy to navigate and organize and nothing feels cheap. The battery pack, with a full charge, is great to have on hand and has saved me a from having a dead laptop and a dead phone on a few occasions, holding enough energy to last a good long while if not used often.

However since this is specifically for the backpack, I'll summarize with this: If your the type of person that travels with more electronics than whatever else you might carry, then this is the one. And if you're not an electronic toting fanatic then well, there's still really not much to regret with this purchase. Just make sure to do your research to determine if this bag truly is right for you.


MOS Pack GRANDE - Our Biggest Backpack Fits up to a 17 inch laptop while still staying slim.

Expensive, but worth it!

After using the same Dell backpack for about 15 years, it was time to get a new one (My cats saw to that, as they have used it as a bed and scratch post). Thanks to LinusTechTips, I finally found the right replacement. The bright orange interior makes life easier for this vampire, and it has plenty of room for various stuff. 1 star removed for the price and hoops i had to jump through to get one here in Canada, but I look forward to using it for the next 15 years, and hope that other markets can get these bags at reasonable pricing soon.

Worse design than I'd hoped, overall good

Great materials, cool color scheme and worked as promised as a gadget bag. 5 stars cause I don't want to damage the good star rating but I've got some frustrations. This bag has a monopoly and could do much better. The sunglasses cup is weak and has to be manually splayed open to insert anything, very bad design especially since the cup is set so deep into the bag. There needs to be slightly less space in the main compartment of the laptop/tablet/power strip section since that's all they hold and put slightly more space in the expandable section that holds the phone and everything else. Truly a bummer to not have an expansive section large enough for a set of shoes in a huge backpack like this, it's just designed too specifically for one purpose. I wish there was one more reinforced hole in-between the main powered section and the other main pocket near the bottom. Game controllers, wireless mice, keyboards etc are often stowed in the main section and it would be nice to have a way to connect them to power. This bag isn't customizable as I hoped, it's Taylor made for one cell phone, one tablet, and a laptop other than the random extra hole going to the sunglass cup which is an awesome choice, I just want more.