MOS Kick

New smartphones give you professional camera modes in your pocket all the time. But in order to take advantage of some of the newest modes, like slo-mo, time lapse, long exposure, and timed selfies you have to have a stand.

The problem is, most camera stands are way too big to keep in your pocket at all times. Until now…

The MOS Kick is incredibly small, sturdy, and it looks good enough to be seen with your smartphone. It includes a threaded hole for optionally connecting it to a tripod and includes a flathead screwdriver and bottle opener.

Compatible with phones and cases up to 9.5mm thick.


It's All About the Details

All-Metal Construction

The MOS Kick’s sturdy metal construction will stand the test of time and handle the constant abuse of being in your pocket or backpack.

Tripod Mount

While you can use the Kick on almost any surface, it also has a 1/4” threaded hole so you can use it with any standard tripod.

High Durometer Silicone

High durometer silicone pads protect your phone from scratches as well as creating high friction to make sure your phone doesn’t go anywhere.

Extra Tools

The Kick is more than just a phone kickstand. Since this handy little device will be going with you everywhere, it also includes a bottle opener and a flat head screwdriver.

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