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Macbook/Laptop: USB-C Power Banks Compared

Price and Brand Comparison

We’ve tested the most prominent USB-C power banks: MOS Go, Anker, iVoler, RAVPower, and Choetech.

While each of these companies is likely to come out with better power banks in the future, at the time of this comparison this was the best we could find in the general consumer price-range.


Our Test

The first time we tested these power banks we tried charging the laptop for thirty minutes with each power bank after the MacBook was drained to about 8%.

The second round involved draining the MacBook to about 75% and plugging in each power bank one right after the other. The results were close to the previous test but slightly different. All tests were at 50% brightness with only the wifi turned on and no apps running.

Although there are always unpredictable factors in doing a test like this, all tests were performed as accurately as circumstances allowed.

*Note: the wall-charger was only tested once and had a net charge of 29%.


How Volts, Amps, Watts, and Watt Hours Relate

Manufacturers generally include specs such as Milliampere Hours (mAh), amperage, and voltage. And while these specs provide valuable information, they can be tricky to understand.

The important specs to know are Watts and Watt-hours. Voltage can also be important, as differing voltages will damage a device. Your MacBook should be fine though, as decent power banks will communicate with it and only provide the appropriate power format.

For a more in-depth explanation, see Part 1.