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MOS Go: Our Journey


The MOS Go was one the biggest projects that we had taken. After months of researching and prototyping, we kept failing deadlines of actually finishing the project. We had several different manufacturers tell us they couldn't get them to the right specifications we wanted, we had different manufacturers tell us they had it (when they didn't), and the journey to bring the MOS Go to life pressed on.

The work ahead would be long and hard but we were determined to be the first to this new technology. We finally made the power bank that we had always wanted to build: the MOS Go.

Sadly, we learned a hard lesson: a small company like ours shouldn't be first to a product like this. 

There are a lot of problems with being first to a new product, you have to work out the bugs and you have to deliver on expectations. To our disappointment, we realized we weren't big enough to perfect a product like this, even today many companies are spending millions of dollars in developing power banks that will do what the MOS Go was supposed to do. So rather than fixing something a product that could have killed us, we decided to kill the MOS Go.

It was a good run, but alas we wanted to keep doing what we love most: designing products that you can use every day that will keep you organized.