The MOS reach is the power extension solution for stationary charging. The Reach extends one power outlet up and away from the wall right to where you need it with 3 or 5 ft. of cable extension. The Reach also provides two extra USB ports capable of charging almost any device.

Convenient Charging Ports

The Reach has a plug that is slim enough to fit behind any gap. The cord is made of flexible TPE that doesn’t tangle and is long enough to sit on your desk or table, but short enough to stay hidden. The sides of the Reach’s power head provide added organization with powerful magnets capable of taming any cable mess. Get power wherever you need it with the MOS Reach.

Choose Your Perfect Color, Length, and Pack



It's All About the Details

Two Finishes

The Reach comes in two different flavors: black polycarbonate and white polycorbonate. Each finish is scratch resistant and beautiful.

Mountable Bases

A fitted layer of micro-suction called Airstick comes with every Reach. It’s residue-free, washes clean, and secures to most surfaces. A sticky strip is also included for vertical mounting.

Magnetic Siding

The MOS Reach keeps your cables tidy with powerful magnetic siding. The Reach includes two magnetic cable ties for those stubborn cables.

Slim Plug and TPE Cable

The slim plug makes tight squeezes behind furniture easy to reach and hide. The flexible TPE cable keeps the cord tangle free, thin, and easy to manage.

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