MOS BLACKPACK - The Best Backpack We Make!
MOS BLACKPACK - The Best Backpack We Make!
MOS BLACKPACK - The Best Backpack We Make!
MOS BLACKPACK - The Best Backpack We Make!
MOS BLACKPACK - The Best Backpack We Make!
MOS BLACKPACK - The Best Backpack We Make!
MOS BLACKPACK - The Best Backpack We Make!
MOS BLACKPACK - The Best Backpack We Make!
MOS BLACKPACK - The Best Backpack We Make!
MOS BLACKPACK - The Best Backpack We Make!

MOS BLACKPACK - The Best Backpack We Make!

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We sold through our first shipment of the MOS BLACKPACK in the first week. We are working to get a much larger shipment here as soon as possible. We will update this page with more details as soon as we have them.

The MOS Blackpack is our most durable backpack with many features to keep your gadgets organized and protected. When used in combination with a "MOS Reach" power adapter you are able to plug in all your devices to a single outlet without having to take them out of the Blackpack.

NOTE: This is the first full production run BLACKPACK. It incorporates a few minor improvements based on initial feedback including a slightly larger laptop pocket for 15.6" laptops. It is available after November of 2018
Here are the current improvements:
  • Slightly larger laptop pocket to better fit most 15.6” laptops
  • Longer water bottle pocket zipper to allow for taller 32 oz bottles
  • Slightly wider and thinner quick access pocket. This should allow you to put most phones in the quick access pocket and help it to protrude less into the main pocket
  • About 10 cm longer straps to better accommodate larger shoulders

MOS Blackpack vs. MOS Pack GRANDE

Features Blackpack Grande
Expanded capacity 27L 40L
Exterior 1680D Ballistic Nylon 300D Polyester, 1000D Nylon Bottom
Laptop Support 15.6" 17"
Water Bottle Support 32 oz 40 oz
Sternum Strap Removable Non-Removable
Rain Fly Built-in No Rain Fly
Warranty 5 yrs 5 yrs

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Only issue is that I am too short for the backpack!

I'm loving the power management of this backpack! It is plugged in right now! The backpack doesn't hold absolutely everything I own, but it protects what it does hold, which is way more than I need on a daily basis anyway! The zippers are so smooth, the fabric seems so durable, and the attached rain cover has come in especially handy lately! I really only have one issue. I have a fairly short torso, so this backpack is too long and sits on my back strangely. Knowing what i know now, I would have looked into measurements or something. The chest strap is very useful for allowing me to carry the backpack in various ways, so I'm able to use it every day. However, if you make one for people with a bit shorter of a torso, I'll buy it!

Serious thought went into this

The build quality is incredible. I don't see it falling apart any time soon. I got mine with a Reach-C, which charges my laptop, headphones, a battery bank, and a flashlight all at once just fine. The ability to just plug in your bag and top off all your items is fantastic.
It is very comfortable. I am a medium size male and I can wear it comfortably for quite a while. The zippers are smooth and effortless while staying put when you're not trying to move them.

The increased laptop pocket size accommodates my laptop and a portable monitor. Everything stands out against the orange inside, which I would consider extremely orange. Fortunately, It's my favorite color.

The water bottle pocket is handy for things I want quick access to, so I keep my multitool and a network cable in there. I imagine it stores water bottles pretty well too, the blue thread on the zipper handle is a nice touch.

My complaints are few and minor:.
The front pocket is difficult to access, my which I mean it is harder than it should be to physically insert my hand into it and remove an item. This is especially true if the main compartment is at all full. The front 'boarding pass' pocket isn't the most accessible either. I think this is to provide better water resistance by keeping the front flat, but I'd rather it stick out an inch or two for some added wiggle room.

The hard shell quick access pocket is great, but difficult to see into. It limits what I keep in there because I'm navigating by feel for the most part.

My biggest disappointment is the absence of the two mesh pockets in the main compartment that were featured on the card that came with the bag. I called to see if mine was a defect and was told those pockets didn't make it to production. I would just about pay to ship my bag back and have those pockets added if it were an option.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase and I think it was worth the wait. It's innovative, comfortable, and I'm pretty sure it could stop a bullet.

Awesome backpack

It was worth the wait, great product!

Surprisingly capacious

Before I got my blackpack I was had to use a second bag to carry all my things, but after I unzipped the expansion zipper, the blackpack could fit everything I needed it made my life a lot easier. Another thing I noticed, some of my things have rough edges. This had torn the nylon in my previous backpack. The nylon in the blackpack seems impervious to anything, it's super strong. My only complaint is that one of my cable passthroughs was fraid upon arrival, and it would be nice to see a flap to allow you to run a cable out of the top of the backpacks laptop pocket, right now I have to unzipped that section. That's a really pretty complaint, but still perhaps an idea for the future. So if you want a quality backpack that packs an impressive amount of stuff, and manages to still somehow look slimmer and more professional than other backpacks, then keep in mind you get what you pay for, and this an amazing incredible marvel of backpack engineering.

Best Back!

Great backpack for storing electronics safe while traveling.
-Has a pocket for a water bottle that separates itself safely from the electronics.
-Easy expandable storage in seconds
-Charge your computer and all your devices with one cord