MOS Nest
MOS Nest
MOS Nest
MOS Nest
MOS Nest
MOS Nest
MOS Nest

MOS Nest

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We made this bag with one goal in mind: To help alleviate some of the pain of flying.

We frequently fly using our MOS pack and we often end up struggling for more space. We found that the personal item that you are allowed to bring onto a plane (for us that is the MOS Pack) holds a lot of stuff you will never use on the flight. The MOS Nest is designed to hold everything you need for a flight while still giving you the maximum amount of seat and foot space.

While the MOS Nest can be used as a stand-alone bag, the bag is designed as a backpack accessory. It is small enough to fit inside of the MOS pack but large enough to fit everything you would need during a flight. It can fit a tablet, phone, power bank, snacks, headphones, water, and other essentials for long flights while leaving behind all of your non-flight-essentials in your backpack.


Pack Dimensions

Outer Dimensions: 10 x 11.5 x 3.25 inches
Main Interior Pocket: 9.5 x 3 x 11 inches
Boarding Pass (front) Pocket: 8 x 5.5 inches
Back Pocket: 9 x 7 inches
Water Bottle Flyout Pocket: 6 x 5 inches
Tablet Pocket: 8.5 x 11 x .75 inches
Passport Pocket: 4.5 x 5.5 inches
Powerbank Pocket: 3.5 x 5.5 inches

Customer Reviews

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Good backpack, not really good experience with RMA

So, I ordered Granite backpack on Aug 19, received it on Aug 27th and it was defective. Couple stitches were missing and had some feeling that this backpack was used prior me in some sort of ways. I decided to go with RMA and this is the place where the s***show started. Initially, customer support (Aug 28) said: "If you would like you could try a replacement, but it could take a few days to do so."
Sure, I can wait a couple days ... I received it on September 19th. ... Couple days turned into 3 weeks and I don't really care that you guys used the slowest possible shipping method, but ok. Maybe the quality is good, right? After all, this backpack is almost twice more expensive than other backpacks on the market. But no, quality is average, the replacement unit has issues with zippers, as they stuck in some places due to the internal material getting stuck between zipper teeth. Oh, not to mention that the granite color is darker than a picture on the website. Customer support representative said that this might be due to the issues with my display... Yes, sure, lol. Check the picture, I showed it to my friends and everyone told that the picture is much lighter than the actual item. However, it is not a really bid deal...
Time will tell how good the quality is.

Best backpack I’ve bought

I can’t say enough about the quality and smart engineering that went it to it. If your reading this hit buy now.

Well made, practical

i was skeptical, but when i received the product i was convinced on the first touch.

the material is soft and feels good to the touch. the pockets are well thought out and the ability to store my backpack and not have to get up for anything else is aof great help on frequent flights around the country.

thank you


Backpack does not have everything included from the online video.

What was not included in your order?
Simply stunning

Amazingly good quality, and surprisingly, very water resistant. Not like I wanted to test the water resistance in the first place, but was kinda forced to because of a certain incident involving the rain. Even after sustaining the rain for about 15 minutes, the inside was anything but wet, in any case it was ever so slightly humid, but everything inside it was perfectly intact.