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<brand>MOS</brand> <prod>PACK</prod><tm-word>™</tm-word>
<brand>MOS</brand> <prod>PACK</prod><tm-word>™</tm-word>
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<brand>MOS</brand> <prod>PACK</prod><tm-word>™</tm-word>
<brand>MOS</brand> <prod>PACK</prod><tm-word>™</tm-word>


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The MOS PACK is a stylish solution to the hassle of carrying your electronic devices, keeping them organized, and finding enough places to plug everything in. Through simple organizational design, you can leave all your devices in the backpack, and charge them with a single plug.


MOS Pack Dimensions


The MOS Pack features a built-in charging station through the MOS Reach+ and an internal cable management so you can charge everything without taking it all out of your backpack.


With built-in cable management you'll be able to keep everything organized and within easy reach.


The MOS PACK is stylish and professional enough to take with you to the office, but rugged enough to take with you the next time you trek across the globe.


The MOS PACK'S slim form factor holds a surprising 20 liters of storage space with a myriad of pockets big enough to hold all of your essentials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Best backpack

I love this backpack - somehow it stays a lot thinner even when it's full of my stuff than my old bag. (I think because it holds it's shape and disburses the stuff inside it well).

The zippers are maybe the best I've ever seen.

Good Design, but for ultra-books size only.

Bought this to fit my Dell Insprion 7559, thinking it would house the 15" machine easily. The main laptop pocket is lacking. Returned the product, word is they have a larger version in the works in 3-4 months. Will re-evaluate when they do release that. Otherwise looked solid, though Would have liked to see the carry handle at the top integrated into the shoulder straps for more durability, the sewed on piece of fabric looks flimsy and fragile, like something id find on a 20-30 dollar backpack, not a 80-90 dollar backpack.

Nathan, thanks for your feedback. We do have a larger MOS Pack in the works which is about to go into mass production. For 15-17' laptops this is definitely the right pack (unless you have a Macbook - the 15' macbook fits pretty well in the current pack). It also has a lot more room overall. We have also changed the way the top handle is integrated.
Very nice but...

Pros: Very practical, lot of pockets, I love the charger system. Cons: Bad quality, first big trip in Europe and the upper handler is cracking. I'm worry to lose the bag every time I take it. So bad, everything else is so cool. Other:

If you are ever experiencing a defect with any of our products and would like help please contact us via email, chat, or phone.
Great Product

Pros: Very light weight, great organizational functionality inside. Works exactly as advertised.Cons: Other:

What I carry

Pros: I love all the pockets and organizers. I carry a lot of stuff. The picture shows what I usually have with me daily (except I don't have my kindle today) and I can still add in extras like a change of clothes, a book or two, or whatever else I need.

For a smallish backpack, it really holds a lot. And I can keep everything organized so that I can immediately grab tissues, or my headphones, or my ghetto toiletry bag. I can even send my kids or my wife for something and tell them exactly where it is (assuming I can describe which pocket) "In the top-front pocket, there's a little zipper pocket, inside that there's a black USB charger" (Well, at least I know where it is... ) Cons: I wish the pockets opened a little bigger, specifically I wish the main back pocket with the electronics and cable organizer would open all the way to lay flat while you get everything organized.Other: I don't do a lot of long-term travel, but more for commuting, so I've repurposed a lot of the pockets. The boarding pass pocket in the front holds my tool kit. The passport pocket has short cables and adapters. The phone pocket holds hand sanitizer. And the sunglasses pocket I use to keep small quick access things like headphones, batteries, USB drives, and a little cash. Oh yeah, and the "water" bottle pocket.. usually has some form of Mtn Dew in it. :)