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MOS Pack V4
MOS Pack V4
MOS Pack V4
MOS Pack V4
MOS Pack V4
MOS Pack V4
MOS Pack V4

Check out our new MOS Go 100W USB-C Power Bank, 20,000 mAH that is designed to work perfectly with MOS Backpacks.

The MOS PACK is a stylish solution to the hassle of carrying your electronic devices, keeping them organized, and finding enough places to plug everything in. Through simple organizational design, you can leave all your devices in the backpack, and charge them with a single plug. 


The MOS Pack V4 is designed to work Perfectly with our MOS Reach+ or MOS Reach C Power Adapters (not included). This lets you plug in your backpack to charge all of your devices.


With built-in cable management, you'll be able to keep everything organized and within easy reach.


The MOS PACK is stylish and professional enough to take with you to the office, but rugged enough to take with you the next time you trek across the globe.


The MOS PACK'S slim form factor holds a surprising 20 liters of storage space with a myriad of pockets big enough to hold all of your essentials.

MOS Pack V4 Improvements from the MOS Pack v3

• Completely redesigned straps to be extra comfortable, conform better to most shoulders, and be more durable.
• The new dark gray compressed EVA foam back panels greatly improve airflow to help keep your back from getting sweaty. They are also more durable than the previous diamond quilted back.
• The Strengthened Handle is reinforced for sudden jerks or extremely heavy weights.
• New rip-stop nylon lining is more durable, resists snags and tears, and looks nicer.
• Added three additional mesh pockets in the main outer pocket for more small to medium sized items.
• Added additional bungee pockets in the main laptop/tablet pocket. One of these is designed to hold the Reach C power adapter. The power bank pocket is beneath the center of the three bungee pockets with the bungee pocket over it ideal to hold excess cables.
• Moved mounting for the MOS Reach+ power adapter from the bottom where it was previously to make it easier to access so you can plug in or unplug your cables.
• The zippers now extend all of the way to the bottom of the pack for both of the main pockets. This makes it much easier to get to stuff at the bottom of the backpack.
• We now have three wide bungees rather than a cable channel for cable management along each side of the laptop pocket. The bungees are much quicker and easier to use and also stretch to accommodate larger cables or cable heads than the previous solution.
• We now have two larger cable management snaps rather than four smaller ones on the laptop pocket. We found that most people only used two of the four cable management snaps, so we focused on improving two of them and removed the other two.
• We changed to electroplated coating for the zipper heads so that the coating is no longer able to chip off of the zipper head over time.
• We changed to a high quality silk screen for the logo that is more vibrant and extremely durable.
• We changed to a thinner and wider quick access pocket at the top of the bag so that it can hold phones and protrudes less into the inside of the laptop pocket.
• We added charging pass-through to the quick access pocket on the top of the bag so that you can charge your phone, Bluetooth headphones, etc. that you have in that pocket.
• We changed the cable pass-through in-between the two main pockets from a rubber grommet style pass-through to a much more user friendly buttonhole style pass-through.

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Great slim line pack
Great backpack and battery!