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MOS Reach+ 5 ft Black for MOS Pack
MOS Reach+ 5 ft Black for MOS Pack
MOS Reach+ 5 ft Black for MOS Pack
MOS Reach+ 5 ft Black for MOS Pack

Designed to work with MOS Backpacks

The Reach+ works with the built in mounting and cable management in the MOS Backpacks. This lets you plug in your backpack to charge all of your devices.

Slim Plug & TPE Cable

The plug is slim fit to go behind any gap. The cord is made of flexible TPE that doesn’t tangle and is just long enough to sit on your desk or table, but short enough to stay hidden. The sides of the Reach’s power head provide added organization with powerful magnets capable of taming any cable mess. Get power wherever you need it with the MOS Reach+.

Customer Reviews

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Honest Thoughts

Honestly the product itself is great. I works just like it should. The only reason it doesn’t get five starts is because it doesn’t initially come with the backpack. Like the whole selling point of the backpack is to easily charge your devices and it doesn’t even come with the cord? Come on now.

Overall pretty good

The backpack was better than I originally expected, it's so easy to charge all of my gears at the same time. The only drawback is the straps are a bit too hard on my shoulder so it's not very comfortable to carry

MOS Reach+ - A great product

Purchased my third and fourth MOS Reach+. These are a great product for bringing your outlets up to table or couch level for easier access. Love them.

Good Product

Love the idea

Compact form factor

There are many choices available for desktop power units. For my needs, the MOS reach with a single AC receptacle and two USB ports that only takes up 1.5 x 3.5 inches and is 1 inch high is all I need.
Pros: Size
Cons: Heavy duty power cord is difficult to deal with.